In some ways, all businesses look similar when it comes to managing employee benefit programs — keeping cost down and quality uncompromised. Below the surface, however, each industry has its own unique wants, needs and expectations. Advising a private equity firm requires quite a different approach than a K-12 public school system.

EBI has developed specialized practice areas that allow our consultants to measurably help our clients manage and grow their business through our expertise and counsel in benefit services:
The world of education is a complex one, and the challenges faced by scholastic institutions are unlike those of the private sector — there are no off-the-shelf solutions.  Click to show more...We at EBI understand that:
Your organization is exempt from certain laws and governed by others that may allow for flexibility and cost efficiency.
The design and financing of your employee benefit programs are driven in part by tax revenue streams and other sources that are subject to change.
Often your decisions are affected by collective bargaining agreements and intense public scrutiny.
As your partner, we assist in managing the challenges you face designing compensation programs and offering benefit plans to attract and retain employees. From strategic planning to day-to-day support, we are committed to helping you maintain competitive employee benefits while controlling costs so you can focus on your core mission: educating students.     Click to show less...
Municipal Government
We know that our government clients are different from our private sector clients. As a recognized leader in managing large government units in Ohio, we’ve developed the required planning skills and refined our process to offer benefit consulting services tailored to their organizational needs.  Click to show more...

We become an integral part of your benefits team to provide a full scope of services:
Rate development
Contribution strategies
Plan design
Budget and financial statement preparation
We understand the pressures you face — developing collective bargaining strategies; navigating the maze of potential carriers; and formulating a benefit plan that aligns with your needs and the needs of your employees. Drawing upon our experience serving government units and our comprehensive knowledge of the employee benefits industry, we can help you successfully meet these challenges.     Click to show less...
The world of not-for-profit organizations has become increasingly complex with frequent changes each year. We at EBI understand these challenges and devise value-based strategies that help non-profit entities deliver quality benefits programs while protecting their financial assets. Our clients range from foundations and charitable organizations to community groups and professional associations.  Click to show more...

Aligned with the mission and goals of non-profit organizations, our resources and solutions are geared to:
Delivering reliable, forwarding-thinking employee benefit advice and support.
Managing executive risks and professional liability.
Protecting your organization's physical and intellectual property.
Minimizing employment practices exposures and workers' compensation costs.
Developing business continuity planning through expert analysis of operations.
We strongly believe in the tax-exempt status afforded to not-for-profit organizations given the programs and services that they provide to society. We understand the unique needs and challenges within this sector of the community, and we have the expertise to make sure that they continue to thrive.     Click to show less...
Private Equity
In the fast-paced world of private equity and deal-making you need a partner that can respond as quickly as you do. Our private equity/mergers and acquisitions practice, Employee Benefits Equity Advisors, specializes in due diligence, portfolio management and optimization, strategic planning and advisory services using proprietary and industry-leading capabilities in employee benefits.  Click to show more...

Conducting a deal in mergers and acquisitions is always a risky proposition. Our goal is to help you minimize and manage that risk. We understand that you need:
A designated team to perform due diligence at a moment's notice.
Due diligence for culture fit as well as more traditional exposures.
Innovative solutions for portfolio management and optimization.
Compensation solutions for key employees of portfolio companies.
Workforce planning for rapid growth.
And once the deal is done, we work side by side with you to optimize the performance of your portfolio. We help you insure — and ensure — your investment.     Click to show less...
As prescription drug plans grow ever more complex and pharmacy costs increase alarmingly, our clients turn to us to provide our specialized expertise in this critical area. We are positioned to provide the pharmacy consulting services they need because of extensive knowledge of drug benefits and pricing issues.  Click to show more...

We are prepared to address the key concerns you face today whether you want to:
Renegotiate your current contract.
Conduct a request for proposal for a pharmacy benefits manager.
Open an on-site pharmacy.
Evaluate why your prescription costs are so high.
Estimate how much you'll save through a change in your contract.
Determine how to alter your drug mix to decrease your costs.
When you engage with us, you can be sure that you are on your way to dramatically improving your prescription coverage while significantly decreasing your costs.     Click to show less...
The healthcare industry is currently facing unique and difficult challenges from a regulatory, legislative, political, and public opinion perspective. It's more important than ever that healthcare organizations partner with a company like EBI that not only understands the industry's needs, but that is also on the cutting edge of the changing demands facing healthcare organizations.  Click to show more...

Controlling operational costs while continuing to innovate is a tough balancing act, especially with the added pressure of maintaining a committed workforce. With many years of experience in partnering with healthcare employers, we know how to help you maximize your strengths and minimize costly benefits mistakes.

We've proven our expertise by advising more than a thousand premier healthcare organizations across the country on health and welfare, compensation and risk management strategies. We can do the same for you.     Click to show less...

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